Rakudo.js update - running Perl 6 in the browser with Parcel

Rakudo.js i n combination with parcel.js now supports running simple stuff in the browser. See https://github.com/perl6/perl6-parcel-example for an example of running a simple test.

It's not super usable and this moment and will likely explode if you try to have too much fun.
Hopefully this example will be replaced by something much more awesome soon.

Parcel.js is a web application bundler so it will take care of combining the JavaScript code Rakudo.js spits out with everything else your app needs to run.

Why Parcel.js instead of Webpack?
Mostly because Parcel while seemingly more buggy doesn't insist that hard on re-parsing the generated code.
I had a webpack plugin working for NQP at some point so it definitely is doable so webpack afficionados are welcome to contribute a plugin or entice me to write one.

Currently I'm using some cutting edge JS features (like BigInt) so I'm focusing on supporting Chrome.
I plan to spend some time on supporting other common browsers when Rakudo.js is more mature but luckily the evergreen browsers are constantly updating themselves and implementing new stuff so hopefully the problem will solve itself.

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Would be nice to see some real live demo's and examples (without installing Rakudo.js) + lots of broken links on this post also, but figured out those links though.

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