Rakudo.js update - it has been merged into master (plus 6pad unveiling)

After a round of code review the js branch has been merged into master.
The nqp part has been on master for a long time so the whole js backend is now merged

In other good news 6pad is up (https://perl6.github.io/6pad/).
6pad allows you to compile and run Perl 6 code from the comforts of your own browser.
For now Rakudo.js depends on BigInt support (which mean you should likely use 6pad with Chrome).
BigInt support is being worked on Firefox and all the Chrome derivatives should update their V8s soon.
6pad is still being worked on so it still likely has some bug.
Support for using React to create DOM elements is planned and should come soon.
6pad has support for running your gists so if you write your own spiffy Perl 6 example I'll show it to 6pad users.

Focus of the JS backend will now be on on polishing 6pad and fixing some failing tests.

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