Perl 5 Porters Weekly: November 5-November 11, 2012

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This week's topics are:

  • Perl 5.12.5 is now available
  • no easy link to quick hacking recipe?
  • -DNO_TAINT_SUPPORT in blead

Perl 5.12.5 is now available

Dominic Hargreaves announced that perl 5.12.5 is now available on a CPAN mirror near you. He writes:

This release is primarily a security fix release, according to the
maintenance policy for Perl 5. Three security fixes are included:

- Encode decode_xs n-byte heap-overflow (CVE-2011-2939)
- File::Glob::bsd_glob() memory error with GLOB_ALTDIRFUNC (CVE-2011-2728)
- Heap buffer overrun in 'x' string repeat operator (CVE-2012-5195)

More details about the release can be found in the perldelta document.

Download the tarball

Read the announcement

no easy link to quick hacking recipe?

Dave Mitchell proposed adding a section in perl's README about submitting quick patches to Perl's source code, since there doesn't seem to be a direct link to it, although it turns out there's a section entitled "SUPER QUICK PATCH GUIDE" in perlhack.

Read the email


Steffen Mueller announced he'd pushed his no-taint patch to blead, although there is currently no direct support for it in the Configure script.

Read the announcement

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