Perl 5 Porters Weekly: June 17-23, 2013

Welcome to Perl 5 Porters Weekly, a summary of the email traffic of the perl5-porters email list.

Topics this week include:

  • perl v5.19.1 is now available
  • Regexp error messages are not UTF8-clean
  • Re: perl needs safer implicit close
  • Add an API to attach a signature string to a CV
  • Article on debugging memory problems
  • perl on z/OS

perl v5.19.1 is now available

Release manager David Golden announced that perl 5.19.1 is now available on a CPAN mirror near you.

Read the announcement

Read perldelta

Download the tarball

Regexp error messages are not UTF8-clean

James Keenan asked for an update on a year-old RT ticket about errors not being UTF8 clean which kicked off an interesting discussion about how to support UTF8 in perl error strings.

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Re: perl needs safer implicit close

David Golden wrote an email to P5P with what seems to be a good suggestion about how to provide a better mechanism to deal with failed implicit close operations. It has to do with adding a DESTROY block to IO::Handle.

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Add an API to attach a signature to a CV

In this message Peter Martini provided a "big picture" plan for his sub-signatures work. He writes:

Bigger picture is a few different pieces:

Piece 1: Simplest piece, this, which the existing CPAN modules can take advantage of easily, attach a string for Deparse or any other method listing to display the signature.

Piece 2: A prototype attribute, so the core will support a standard alternate to supply a prototype inline. I'm cleaning up that one now and expect to create a ticket with my reasoning, if not code, tonight.

Piece 3: A parser hook so a module can parse a signature itself (as XS or a raw function pointer), and configure the CV / PAD appropriately.
Lexically scoped.

Piece 4: A hook on the CV which can be executed in entersub at the point where defgv would be populated, so any parameter validation / initialization can be done before the sub is actually entered.

Read the whole thing

Article on debugging memory problems

Steffen Mueller wrote a blog post about how he approaches debugging memory problems in Perl 5.

Read his P5P message

Read his blog post

perl on z/OS

Kevin Shaw reported that his team had recently ported perl 5.16.2 to z/OS and was interested in contributing those changes back into the core.

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