Perl 5 Porters Weekly: July 15-21, 2013

Welcome to Perl 5 Porters Weekly, a summary of the email traffic of the perl5-porters email list. I'm at OSCON this week, so if you're in town, please come to one (or both) of my talks. One is about replacements for LWP::UserAgent and the other is about DTrace in Perl, Python and Erlang.

Topics this week include:

  • Perl 5.18 and Regexp::Grammar
  • RFC: $/="\R"; perl -0R
  • POSIX::foo() ignore UTF8ness
  • postfix dereference syntax

Perl 5.18 and Regexp::Grammar

Damian Conway was able to reply to Dave Mitchell's email of a couple weeks ago. In it, Damian provides 3 test cases for common usage of the module which are broken.

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RFC: $/="\R"; perl -0R

Karl Williamson writes that Perl violates a Unicode requirement, so he proposes extending $/ to permit a special value which indicates it should use the official Unicode record separators.

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POSIX::foo() ignore UTF8ness

Karl Williamson points out that functions in the POSIX module treat input as bytes and not characters. He asks, "What should we do?"

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postfix dereference syntax

Ricardo Signes shows off a diff of Dist::Zilla using the proposed postfix dereference syntax.

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See the diff

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