Day 12: A fatpackable, SSL-aware HTTP::Tiny (but sadly, with a catch)

About the series: perlancar's 2014 Advent Calendar: Introduction to a selection of 24 modules which I published in 2014. Table of contents.

Okay, this one is a silly proof-of-concept, and currently incomplete. But nevertheless might fit your need in some situation, like for testing.

It all began a few weeks ago when MELO posted this blog post about his attempt to produce a fatpacked version of a chat client. At the end he failed because HTTP::Tiny depends on IO::Socket::SSL and eventually Net::SSLeay which is an XS module and cannot be fatpacked. So I got this idea of having an HTTP::Tiny variant which uses a CLI network client like wget or curl. Sure, we're just trading one dependency to another, but on a typical Linux system on the deployment, chances are it'll probably have either one. So an experimental module HTTP::Tiny::CLI is born. I don't know if it's going to be useful for somebody, but nevertheless I had a bit of fun writing it, so there you go.

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