Recreated comments for Perl in Catincan, an open source crowd funding proposal

I spent time to create the below message for Brian's post on crowfunding. For whatever reason, he felt the need to delete my post. So I've recreated the gist of what I said previously. I guess next time I'll take a screenshot for posterity.

Brian, Now that is a great contribution! Thank you!

Discoverability issues: On a crowdfunding platform that is generic in nature there is a discoverability problem if you are targeting a specific audience. Brian, does Catincan support creating a Perl channel/filter with permalinking? If so this could then be linked directly from Pe…

YAPC Presentation Recordings

Is there a reason The Perl Foundation does not take charge of a central hosting repository for videos from larger YAPCs? Or an initiative to focus on quality recordings? I'd love to see(and hear) more high quality recordings. Looking over the 2012 YAPC:NA videos it appears they were recorded at 480p resolution making text reading difficult. Audio is often not ideal either relying on the facility's broadcast capabilities.

Could we get some interest or a mechanism(fundraising?) to improve this? I realize there is a fear of losing attendance if the material is readily available but I…

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