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I may be the last person to do this, but I finally put all of my conference slides, and a few of my presentation notes, on

It was fun going through my old slides. I started giving presentations at ApacheCon in 2000, where I gave a talk with Bill Hilf about our work building eToys with Perl and open source tools. The article version of that is online, and the slides add very little, so I skipped that one.

I also skipped my Perl ORM talk from 2005, because the tools I covered are not really relevant anymore. I would advise people to look at Rose::DB::Object and DBIx::Class now, not Class::DBI, SPOPS, and Tangram.

Unfortunately, I can't see a way to sort the presentations so that the newest ones are first. If anyone knows how to do that, I'd like to hear it.

One amusing thing I've discovered: putting the word "scalable" in your title seems to draw in a lot of viewers!

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Thanks a lot, I've start reading the documents and they are really nice

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