Today on the way to work I almost finished off Test::BDD::Cucumber, but didn't quite manage it. So work having finished, I cracked out my MacBook Air and put the finishing touches in!

Choose your own adventure: if your reaction was:

WTF is Cucumber? - the tutorial

Where can I browse it? - MetaCPAN, GitHub

Well that's boring... - cat pictures to the rescue...


Nice to see things ported from Ruby. But I wonder if I should use it instead of Test::More. The problem is, who usually writes better tests: the programmer himself, or the project manager, or the system analyst?

I have not yet managed to "feel" how Cucumber would work for me but I was happy to see you made this.

Unfortunately the links to MetaCPAN did not work for me. They did not lead to the expected documents on MetaCPAN. Oh I see this might be a MetaCPAN issue as I can see the files on search.cpan.org

Gugod also wrote a port of Cucumber called Test::Cukes.

Perhaps you guys can bang your heads together on this?


PS. Hopefully this time my comment got through. First one got list :(

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