Andy Lester, brian d foy, Gisle Aas, and Adrian Howard featured in RSA Animate video - The Power of Networks

This image is from


See also my tweet and Google+ post about this video.

Update for Sun May 27 10am-ish EDT. . . Whoops, I should have included Stevan Little in the title of this post:


He's unnamed Perl contributor in the first image I posted. I'm listening to the original audio of the lecture from which the RSA Animate video is based and was able to find which links to which is where I found this second image. See also slide 29 from the slides of the talk. The first image is obviously an illustration of the second image. Very cool. I love this stuff. And I had never heard about which is just fabulous.

Also a made a second Google+ post that links back to this one.


That's pretty cool to see the Perl community used as an example of networking. Thanks for posting it.

Heh. Nice. Thanks for pointing it out.

Feels slightly odd to have not-my-words coming out of my caricature though (as if I'd say that about perl :-)

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