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mod_perl 2.0.5 has arrived!

Here's the link to the email announcement.

Thanks to the many, many contributors to this version. Please see the
summary of changes below, along with a special dedication for this
release to Randy Kobes.

You can get mod_perl 2.0.5 at one of the following urls, including the CPAN:



SF.pm February meeting - Learn Python The Hard Way

Zed Shaw will turn the tables on our usual Perl centric meetings by giving us a few lessons in learning Python the hard way. Zed is a well known software developer who is noted for developing the Ruby webserver Mongrel, the successor Mongrel2, the Lua based framework Tir, and autho.me.

Learning Python the Hard Way - http://learnpythonthehardway.org/index

Zed Shaw - http://zedshaw.com/

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