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Perl code refactoring

Dear LazyPerl,

Does anyone know of a module that can do Perl refactoring, perhaps a PPI based module? I've heard Padre can do Perl code refactoring, but looked through the distro and didn't see any interesting modules.

The goal here is to hand a module to a function, and have it come back refactored according to a Perl::Critic policy.



Perl + MongoDB => Mongoers + Fun

For our June 2011 meeting, Samantha Kosko will be talking about MongoDB.

MongoDB is a new document-oriented database. It provides a new paradigm for storing and accessing data, one that works very naturally with Perl.

We'll cover the basics of
- What is it?
- Why do I care?
- How do I get it working?
- What about ORMs? (time permitting)

For those interested in hands-on, please bring your laptop.
Instructions for getting started will be posted and we can do some interactive demos.

MongoDB - http://mongodb.org

10gen - ht…

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