Chicago.PM Report - App-Prima-REPL

We had our first project night at Chicago.PM this week, where we discussed ideas and wrote code for a Perl REPL GUI program (App-Prima-REPL on Github) by David Mertens built on Prima.

There were some small ideas to make the program more user-friendly, and some larger ideas like an IRC client and guided tutorials based on the same format that uses.

I'm hoping that if I keep saying this, I'll be embarrassed into doing it: I would really love to see the Ruby Koans translated into Perl (in spirit, if not in actual content). I've started writing down ideas for chapters, but there is a lot of content to cover.

I added a -I flag and a -M flag to the prima-repl command-line launcher that work as close to perl's flags as I could get. This is one of the things I love about prove and plackup: Where it makes sense, they work like perl does. So now the prima-repl can have subs and modules imported on the command-line.

Altogether it was a wonderfully productive evening and I'm looking forward to the next one. 

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