This week in PSC (108)

After skipping last week, Rik and BooK met today and we:

  • happily confirmed there are no release blockers left
  • looked at HTTP::Tiny, which might really be one last blocker
  • reviewed the PPC list (see separate email)
  • think we're ready for RC1!

This week in PSC (107)

  • We went through the release blockers list again. One is now fixed (21044), one more should be closable once a perldelta PR is merged (20384), one more remains (21073)
  • We discussed the funding of some Perl events (like PTS) and how their sponsorship works now, and Philippe wondered whether TPRF could be helpful in managing some of the complexity of that. Rik said “very likely!” and suggested Philippe talk to them.

This week in PSC (106)


After a meeting around an actual physical table at the Perl Toolchain Summit last week, the three of us were back to our regular video calls. The call was longer than usual, as we delved into the code of

This Week in PSC (105)

Today, the PSC met up … in person! We're all in Lyon for the Perl Toolchain Summit.


Meantime, although we had a very long conversation, it boils down to just a couple things:

  • We talked a very long time (well, 45m) about GitHub issues labeled "BBC" and marking them "needs triage" (meaning: more info) or "not a release blocker" or "release blocker". This will require more work, but we made good progress.
  • We discussed HTTP::Tiny, security, and how best to bootstrap CPAN and stay secure. More soon.
  • We discussed Test2 in core, which is now its own thread on p5p, enjoy!

This week in PSC (104)

All three of us met, having skipped last week.

There wasn't much to talk about because code freeze ahead of 5.38 is in effect, so there isn't much going on.

  • We talked further about the upcoming deprecations scheduled for 5.38.0 (smartmatch, tick-as-package-separator), and concluded that we remain committed to keeping them deprecated on the current schedule.

  • Next week's meeting will be in person in the French city of Lyon.