This week in PSC (148) | 2024-05-16

In anticipation for the stable release, we:

  • revived the “HTTPS out-of-the-box” project: the CPAN Security Group committed to help us select a workable solution, with a goal of implementing it in time for Perl 5.42
  • discussed the minutiae of the next stable release
  • decided to do it on 2024-05-24 (Friday)

This Week in PSC (147)

Just Graham and Paul

  • Reviewed the release-blockers label. Only two left, one is a documentation fix (PR22055)
  • Reviewed another documentation PR that should go in for 5.40 (PR22200)

Aside from that, things are looking good for making a 5.40 release at the usual schedule in May.

This week in PSC (146) | 2024-05-02

We were back from the PTS in Lisbon, and had a shorter meeting than usual, during which we mostly discussed the last remaining release blockers for 5.40.

This week in PSC (145)

This meeting was done in person at the Perl Toolchain Summit 2024.

  • Reviewed game plan for (hopefully) last development release, to be done tomorrow, as well as the stable v5.40 release.
  • Reviewed recent issues and PRs to possibly address before next releases.
  • Reviewed remaining release blockers for v5.40, and planned how to address them.
  • Discussed communication between PSC and P5P and how to improve it.

This week in PSC (144) | 2024-04-11

The three of us met, and:

  • merged the deëxperiment PR
  • agreed we should additionally discuss if the now-stable features (try, extra_paired_delimiters) should be included in the :5.40 feature bundle
  • reported feedback from PPC implementors, which can be summarized as “life happened, will get back to work soon”
  • continued to triage latest reported bugs and look for release blockers (Currently we have 8 potential blockers, though 2 are easy documentation fixes)