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This Week in PSC (098)

Paul and Philippe attended (Rik is still enjoying Australia).

We discussed:

  • feature-class: there’s a soon-to-be-merged PR to fix most memory leaks https://github.com/Perl/perl5/pull/20809
  • n-at-a-time map/grep: HAARG should reply to any remaining open questions, so that we can likely move the RFC to the next step of the process (“Exploratory”)
  • SSL in core: it’s still not in core, and there’s an open PR to just dual-life the SSL modules, but that’s unlikely to be the solution we’re looking for. Also, we’re still looking for a project manager for this project. Enquire Within.
  • RFC0013: awaiting the ability to store more information in the interpreter about overload (for API version and flags)

This week in PSC (097)

PSC met today, just Paul and Philippe.

We discussed:

  • inclusion of TLS libraries in the core: we think we should just try the “dual life” path, and see where that gets us.
  • n-at-a-time map/grep: Paul suspects it’s impossible to properly disambiguate my ($var, ...) from the EXPR case, and we wonder if the only choice is between having new keywords and dropping the EXPR case.

This Week in PSC (096)

Just Paul and Philippe this week.

  • Smartmatch deprecation continues — just one more distribution left now (Test-Simple).
  • RFC process needs a new name and ID allocation scheme. We will continue discussing ideas and post when we have something presentable.
  • overload::v2 feels like the best solution to the problem of how to add substr overloading.
  • join overloading might want a join_uses_concat flag to avoid surprising existing modules.

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