Geekuni teams up as sponsor with the Perl Dancer conference

Geekuni provides Perl training for professionals
and joins us as bronze sponsor.

A lot of thanks for helping us turn the Perl Dancer Conference into a
truly amazing event!

Need your team to tune into the Dancer beat? Enrol them at Geekuni!

More sponsors are welcome, please see more details on our Homepage.

DBIx::Class Training in Vienna - only 149 €

We are offering an one day DBIx::Class training in Vienna on the 20th October. For details please check:

The training fee will be only 149 € if you book until 28th September. Please contact me by email in order to buy a ticket.

Reminder on Call for Papers for Perl Dancer Conference in Vienna

The submission deadline ends August 31th, midnight CET.

Please use the online form for submitting your talk or write to if you need help or more time to prepare your proposal.

We already confirmed a number of interesting talks and there are a few more prominent speakers like Peter Rabbitson and Russell Jenkins which are going to present at the Perl Dancer Conference.

Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible Presentation

Andrew Beverly is going to talk about at the Perl Dancer Conference.

This talk will give an overview of what's now possible with very little code, including user registration, password resets and the management of user details.

Perl Dancer Conference 2015 - Call for Papers

The Call for Papers for the Perl Dancer Conference 2015 in Vienna is now open!

We are accepting presentations in a wide range of topics, for example Dancer, Modern Perl, DBIx::Class, Perl "products" and security. Of course, we are open for any idea and submission.

The submission deadline is August 31th, midnight CET. Talks are reviewed and possibly accepted as we receive them.

Please use the online form for submitting your talk.