Hey Bedrock, the 21st Century is calling!

I was a bit taken aback by Gabor's Perlweekly mention of my Bedrock blog. I guess there really are a few people that read these blogs! ;-)

Then of course, I was a little disheartened by the something from the last century reference. Having been born in the last century like many programmers today, I don't necessarily think everything that comes from the 20th century is bad, obsolete or not worthy of our attention. But, in the end, he's actually spot on.

Bedrock is from another day and age. A day and age when server side web development was relevant and useful. It's still useful, at least to me. Clearly the trend today is to move more and more of the action to the front end, even to the point where I see templating packages not too dissimilar to Bedrock or Template::Toolkit being promoted extensively. There are so many Javascript frameworks now, it's project just to evaluate them. If you look closely at these front end development frameworks you'll find they are eerily reminiscent of Bedrock, PHP and Template::Toolkit, only on the front end.

What goes around, comes around and the technology industry is nothing if has not proven itself cyclical. Vacillating between client & server is sort of what we do.

Trends not withstanding, there are multiple ways to skin cats and develop web applications and not everyone likes (or needs to be) writing "code" in the traditional sense in order to update some rows in a database.

So, I guess I'll continue to blog about Bedrock, even if it's just to help me understand new technologies or to share some ancient technology with modern developers so they will know what things were like when bread was a nickel a loaf.

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