Social Media Meta Tags

Social Media Meta Tags

Social media meta tags are HTML tags that allow you to make the most out of the content you share from a URL. You can determine what information is displayed from a post in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and beyond. It gives developers control over the experience their content produces, as it shows up on these social networks.

I was looking for a nice Perl module that let me make different types of posts to the main social networks. These networks all have different post types, argument names, etc, and I wanted this functionality encapsulated into something which enabled me to minimise my effort when creating these posts. I couldn't find anything suitable, so I made HTML::SocialMeta.

# summary or featured image card setup

my $social = HTML::SocialMeta->new(

site => '',

site_name => '',

title => '',

description => '',

image => '',

fb_app_id => '',

url => '', # optional


Summary Card

|    *---------*  TITLE                      | 
|    |         |                             |
|    |         |  DESCRIPTION                |
|    *---------*                             |


The Open Graph protocol is Facebook's standard for implementing Social Meta tags, It has also become recognised by all the major social platforms, including LinkedIn, Google+. Whereas Twitter have their own standard.



I plan on expanding this module so it also supports Rich Snippets and the functionality to create custom Opengraph, meta data. This is my first CPAN submission, so I'd welcome any critique/feedback. Thanks.



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