Help needed updating Gedcom::Date

Since DateTime was reworked, I (as the current maintainer of Gedcom::Date) have received many failing test reports: Can't locate object method "long_date_format" via package "DateTime::Locale::FromData"...

It's not obvious to me what I should do about this issue, so I'm posting this
hoping someone with the knowledge can do so, or that someone is prepared to dig
as deeply as necessary to figure out a solution.

I've just put the code on Github.

After I wrote Genealogy::Gedcom::Date V 2, I would never use Gedcom::Date, but
since the latter offers features my code doesn't, it's reasonable to assume
some people would not want to switch away from Gedcom::Date, and indeed, would
want that module to have ongoing support.

This means I assume any work on Gedcom::Date will be appreciated, and to help
with that, if it's updated I'll announce the new version on the Perl-Gedcom
mailing list (


I think if you use DateTime->format_cldr() and get the format from $locale->format_for('y') and ->format_for('yM') that should do the trick.

Oop, sorry, if you know the day you want 'yMMMD', I believe.

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