A little warning to EUMM and shell-script users

I sometimes need to write shell-script test scripts and not perl, to be able to test perl scripts, without interfering with perl, and also for performance and easier IO reasons.

In order to find out with which perl this distro was built, we need to parse the generated Makefile.

Recent EUMM 7.0x introduced a new feature which broke all my scripts. They started double-quoting PERL and FULLPERL in the generated Makefile. Damage is already done. They only thing you can do is to remove the quote.

PERL=`grep "^PERL =" Makefile|cut -c8-`
PERL=`echo $PERL|sed -e's,^",,; s,"$,,'`

They obviously were afraid of spaces in Windows paths. Only cmd.exe accepts "cmd", no other shell. So the obvious fix would be to add double quotes on Win32 only, and only of a space appears on the NAME or the PATH. Same as we have to do with $^X in system calls, where we have to double-quote $^X explicitly in string -context. Like with

$X = $^X =~ / / ? qq("$^X") : $^X; system("$X ...")

Initial feedback to the maintainers was not positive, they don't care. EUMM needs to write Makefiles, nothing else. The second reply was: Just use sh -c $PERL $args. Yeah. Exactly.

So I fear the toolchain also starts rotting now with the newbies taking over. Test::Builder is also in great danger with a newbie maintainer. The initial trials were twice as slow to be able to support streaming. Given that p5p has similar technical problems it doesn't look to good for 5.2x being usable too soon. I'm still forced to use 5.14.4.

Let's just hope CPAN will not get new maintainers.

My fix: https://github.com/rurban/perl-compiler/commit/16379cf29cbffdf8ffce9d0822af0548cfb65051

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EUMM wrote a valid Makefile that your script couldn't parse. Where's the bug? If you need to know what version of Perl something was built with, is there no other way? Perhaps the current maintainer of EUMM could add a feature to do what you want in a sane way.

The notion that this particular change is evidence of rot, along with a jab at "newbies" and a second jab at Exodist's work on Test::Builder is becoming harder to explain away as ambiguous (as I tried to do with your previous post). I do not think that you should be allowed to continue spreading your insults and vitriol on a different community forum just because p5p won't allow it.

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