Twenty years ago...

Twenty years ago today I released my first CPAN module: Fork::Queue.

Then there was a group of people supervising module names, and they advised me to move it under the Proc namespace and so it became Proc::Queue.

A couple of weeks before, a bug on one of my scripts had fork-bombed a production box. I barely remember the details now... just that my manager had a serious conversation with me about the incident.

Anyway, that forced me to write the module.

Something I remember for sure is the proud I was of it. Ho…

I was at the London Perl Workshop 2017

... and have blogged about it here!


My impressions on this year conference are here!

Another release of Net::SSH2 is comming... test it, please!

I have been working on a new release of Net::SSH2 that has undergone mayor, mostly internal, changes.

There are not too many new features. The aim has been to simplify the code, made it reliable and improve the overall consistency and behavior of the module.

Most important changes are as follows:

  • Typemaps are used systematically to convert between Perl and C types:

    In previous versions of the library, inputs and specially output values were frequently handled by custom code with every method doing similar things in slightly different ways.

    Now, most of that code …

Help me test Net::SSH2

Short story

I have released a new development version of Net::SSH2.

Help me test it, please!

Really long story

Some years ago, I started working on Net::OpenSSH. At the beginning it was just a hack, but it worked unexpectedly well and I was able to push a very perlish interface on top of it and over time it grew and become a very powerful and feature rich module and above all, very user friendly.

Just one drawback remained. Due to a …