CPAN Day 2014 in Oslo

Oslo Perl Mongers are organizing a CPAN Day event! \o/

Tomorrow (Saturday August 16th 2014), we’ll be hanging out at the Hackeriet (Norwegian for “The Hackery”) hackerspace, helping anyone dropping by with CPAN and Perl issues they may have!

We can help with…

  • Getting your modules published
  • Sign up for PAUSE
  • Answering your Perl quesions, of any difficulty!
  • Telling about Perl and CPAN best practices
  • Show how to create a CPAN distribution
  • Help toubleshooting module deployment and installation issues
  • Offer therapy, constructive criticism or Real Help for anyone struggling with Perl or CPAN
  • Hang out and have fun!

We’ll have Club Mate in the fridge (unless it’s sold out) and even a short presentation about CPAN and Perl module basics, courtesy Arne Sommer.

Feel free to sign up at, and drop by! :-D

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I'd be there if i could! Have fun!

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