Evozon Perl internship

Our new Perl internship started on the 9th of July, 7 daring new interns took on the challenge of becoming Perl developers. The internship will last for 4 weeks, during which they will get familiar with Perl and all that goes with it.

Perl is one of the pillars of Evozon, the company was founded in 2005 as a Perl and Java shop, expanding to other technologies over the years. After 13 years of Perl development we have plenty of experience and excitement for this language, something we want to share with this new group of interns.

We have one of the largest Perl teams in Europe and we’re proud to say that quite a few of our developers started their career with us, learning about Perl through internships just like this one. Now, they’re passing on the knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years to another round of Perl developers to be.

The internship will have two parts, a theoretical part where the interns will be introduced to the world of Perl by our trainers and a practical part where they will be working on an application built in Mojolicious with DBIx and MySQL, using the microcontroller Raspberry Pi. The microcontroller will have several types of sensors attached and will be able to monitor the temperature and humidity in our office.

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