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Leaving Android

I originally wrote a very long post about this but somehow it wasn't probably saved while restarting so you'll have the benefit of a shorter version.

I've decided to stop focusing on Perl for Android for now. This is not to say I'll never get back to it, but that I definitely won't be involved with it in the near future.

I assume many are wondering about the current status of Perl on Android. Starting with "there is Perl for Android already" and ending with "it probably isn't the Perl you wish you had" seems like a good summarize. There is a patched-but-not-documented Perl 5.1…

One more Perler

My brother finally created his first GitHub account to try and work on public code and even forked and asked for a pull request on a module I'm working on.

He's now converting yet another CGI website to Dancer.

Here's hoping this will lead to a fun and joyful career.

Dancer for Python programmers slides fixed on Slideshare

Thanks to Shlomi Fish who noticed the slides of the talk weren't imported very well on Slideshare. This is now fixed and you can find the slides at the same location working without a hitch.

I've also been enlightened that Slideshare only allows you to download slides if you're registered so we've added a section to Dancer's website to accommodate for slides of talks given about Dancer.

This is where you'll be able to view it (embedded) or download it i…

Presenting Perl Dancer to Python programmers

Last Monday I was at a PyWeb IL meeting and gave a lecture on Dancer, the Perl web micro-framework.

I've put the slides I had up on Slideshare and you can view them here.

You might notice the it says "for Python programmers" - that's right. I've made the slides more attractive to Pythoners. This was done by comparison to Flask (the Pythonese Sinatra) and it's interesting to see very clearly that in this case, Python had some really hairy syntax and ugly code to provide something that two lines o…

Perlbal moved to Github

While on news (and starting posts with the word "while"), Perlbal has moved to Github.

I have a lot of issues revolving Perlbal. I wish there was more development on it, I wish it catered to more generic situations (I've found myself needing a few good hacks for it and abandoning ideas because of it), I wish there were more hooks, there was more DOCUMENTATION and a decent website. I wish, I wish, I wish.

I have been trying to do several of these but my tuits have run out …

Sitemap? Dancer has it!

While I should be blogging on Lacuna Expanse, I actually wanted to write a small bit about Dancer, /users/sawyer_x/2010/10/index.html

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