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Dancer + Bootstrap + Font-Awesome

In case you haven't noticed, Assaf Gordon has picked a sort of flavor of Dancer, which he finds as a useful base for his applications. It includes updated jQuery, Twitter's Bootstrap library and Font-Awesome's awesome font.

You can see an example right here and the repository which you can fork and hack on is over here.

Great job, Assaf!

Priorities when using Any::Moose, and what Mouse people should do

A recent test script of mine broke with the following message: You can only consume roles, MooseX::Role::Loggable is not a Moose role at /usr/lib/perl5/Moose/ line 137. What happened?

This test script uses Juno and an internal module that we have at work here. Both of them use Any::Moose. They also use my MooseX::Role::Loggable which uses Any::Moose as well, in order to allow you to use it in ="https…

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