My Bingo Results at YAPC::NA 2012

After seeing the Bingo card idea at an Atheist conference, I suggested it to JT Smith, who decided it was indeed a good idea. JT did the design, thought of the tasks and wrote down the rules and printed it. When people came to YAPC::NA 2012, they got a cool bingo card with their swag bag and had to mark things off.

I don't know how many did indeed do it, but I did. The idea is simple: by putting some things as a fun task, it motivates you into doing it. I know I'm personally extremely shy (even though I might not come off this way) and having tasks of things such as attending parties (which I always fear) and asking questions (which I'm too shy to do) and eating with new people, meeting speakers, attending hackathons and so on goes along way to convince me to do it. I hope it did the same for you.

Anyway, these are the following things I've done:
- Adding ribbon to your badge: I had the following ribbons: speaker, author, mentor, web frameworks, Moose, Dist::Zilla, testing, async Perl, system administration and I received the hardware hacker ribbon from Robert Blackwell.
- Attend the job fair: I wasn't looking for a job, honestly, but I went there to get some extra swag, talk to DuckDuckGo and wishing good luck to companies that were looking for employees. I don't know if it counts, but for what it's worth, I haven't done it for the bingo entry!
- Meet a speaker: I got to meet a lot of speakers: Joel Berger, Ricardo Signes, Karen Pauley, Breno de Oliviera (garu), Jonathan Swartz, Geoffrey Avery, Mateu Hunter, Andy Lester, Mark Allen, apeiron, James E. Keenan, Stevan Little, Ingy dot Net, Nick Patch, Randal Schwartz, Mark Fowler, John Napiorkowski (who actually stepped up and introduced himself - what a cool guy), Glen Hinkle (picture to follow!), Jesse Leuhrs (doy), Robert Blackwell, Patrick Michaud, Jacinta Richardson, Jeffrey Thalhammer (who stayed at the same hostel as me!), Chris Prather (perigrin), Olaf Alders and chromatic. These are just those I haven't met beforehand! So, I think I covered that one...
- Attend the hackathon: attended hardware hackathon.
- Attend a talk: went to pretty much a talk every time. I only missed one slot getting into a hilarious conversation with Stevan Little, Gabor Szabo and chromatic, and about 7-8 other people. Totally worth it.
- Attend TPF Party: which is where I got my famous Larry Wall, The Most Interesting Programmer in the World picture.
- Start a conversation: done and done.
- Blog about YAPC: I blogged a bit, and mentioned YAPC::NA. Does that count?
- Wear your badge: at all times, including the "Hallway++" sticker to note to people that they're free to talk to me whenever they see me!
- Eat with someone new: almost every night, almost every meal. Totally worth it! Lots of interesting people with cool stories and I do hope to keep in touch with everyone I met. EMAIL ME PEOPLE!
- Buy someone a drink: I don't drink but I did cover some drinks/food costs, I think. Not sure, really...
- Ask a question: I asked Jeff Thalhammer a question about Pinto (check it out!) and had a few others I reserved for later.
- Gave a lightning talk: gave two at the price of one!
- Learn something: quite a bit!
- Take some photos: I'll try to upload as much as I can.
- Share your contact info: I did this quite a bit. Not as much as I should have, I think...
- Help a peer learn: I explained a few concepts to people, and hopefully helped them understand some things they didn't before.
- Wear the YAPC t-shirt: and this won me the bingo! :)

I didn't succeed in accomplishing the following, and next year I'll focus on those:
- Buy a raffle ticket: kept meaning to do it, but didn't get to it. Tsk tsk.
- Scan a badge: honestly, I tried. I failed. :(
- Attend the bad movie BOF: sounded like fun but had some stuff to do that night. :(
- Donate to TPF: should have but didn't.
- Attend YAPC game night: was gonna but had some stuff to do that night.

The following I might do next year, but probably not:
- Post YAPC on Facebook: don't have Facebook, not interested in having one.
- Tweet about YAPC: don't have twitter, not interested in having one.

How did you do?


Hey, I spoke, and we met as well -- perhaps not formally, but I was the guy sitting next to Stevan at the third day of lightning talks, the guy who kept lending you his screen to see the schedule. 8^)

Nice to meet you, glad you had a good time. Hope to see you at future events...

Was great meeting you, and dinner at the Green Owl was rad. Hope to see you at future YAPC::NAs!

Was great meeting you, and dinner at the Green Owl was rad. Hope to see you at future YAPC::NA's!

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