New Dancer 2 release: 0.08

(this is the email sent to the Dancer users mailing list, updating on recent releases)


we have just released a new version of Dancer 2: 0.08. While it didn't carry everything we had wanted (one specific change was left for 0.09), we decided it is more important not to delay features and fixes. We can also do another release next week, right?

This release saw at least 16 closed tickets. Not a bad record. There were also several important changes that were not described in tickets and were resolved as well. The release also saw me struggling with a Dist::Zilla plugin, resulting in no date put on the changes file entry. This will be fixed in the next version. Hopefully I will win that round. :)

The following people deserve thanks for this release (not ordered in any way):

Russell Jenkins, Franck Cuny, Alberto Simões, Stefan Hornburg, Steven Humphrey, and myself, Sawyer X.
Our plans for the next release are to focus on the Dancer command line utility. This does not mean we will ignore everything else, but that we'll be geared towards finishing that aspect that pains us.

We've raised various ideas of what we want the command line to be able to do. This includes scaffolding the default (as it does now), perhaps additional example applications, adding more modules, setting some defaults of the frameworks you want to add (Bootstrap, jQuery, etc.), the different configuration options you want, and perhaps some profiles (dzil-enabled, anyone?).

We also intend to phase our the "devel" branch in order to clean up the merge and release process and make it easier for new-comers to help out. This might require some changes to forks, but as usual we will be there to help you out and to smooth this transition. In the end, it will be easier for you to submit changes to Dancer and it will be easier for us to review, merge them, and release new versions.

Have a wonderful dance,
Sawyer X,
Dancer core team.

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