hosting a Perl hackathon!

At we decided to cook up a special surprise this cold February: we're hosting our first hackathon!

But since we like surprises, there is one more surprise. We will have a special guest: Stevan Little. Yes, that Stevan Little.

The hackathon will take place in the Technologia Incognita hackspace, in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) under the title "Perl and Beyond". You can hack on Perl, or you can hack on whatever else you want.

The dates are February 8th-9th. Yes, two hackalicious days!

There is room for about 50 people, and there isn't a lot of time, so please hurry and register. You can email me at XSAWYERX at CPAN, or via the wiki page (or if that doesn't work, me).

We are still working on a list of optional projects (and you're very encouraged to add more), but the current list stands on:
- The new MOP for Perl 5
- website (dire need of help)
- Uploading videos
- MetaCPAN::API (awaiting new rewrite branch to be released)
- Dancer1/2
- Perl 5 Core (small bug fixes, clean ups, etc.)
- Perl 6
- Whatever you want! (a project of yours or one you're interested in)

If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know, or add them directly in the wiki.

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