New Dancer2 release already waiting on CPAN: 0.157000

Hey everyone!

A new version of Dancer2 has been shipped yesterday and is already waiting for you at a mirror nearby!

It has come to our attention that some people don’t follow public announcements made on mailing lists so I will also be releasing a public announcement on this blog when I release a new Dancer2 version (except patch versions).

Having a weekly release (which is a new habit we’re trying to maintain) means we will usually not have big changes to report. We’re happy about that. We get to spend time working on iterative improvements that eventually end up as bigger changes.

This release carries the following interesting changes:

  • Fixes for installing on Windows.
  • Better skeleton on scaffolding.
  • No server tokens in scaffolded production environment config file.
  • LWP::UserAgent no longer required (not even for testing), same with Test::TCP.
  • Lots of improvement for migration document.

I’d like to thank all those involved in this release (by order of appearance in the Changes log): Dávid Kovács, Chi Trinh, Christian Walde, and Gabor Szabo.

Changes file follows:


  • GH #799: Set current request earlier so log formats using requests will work. (Sawyer X)
  • GH #650: Provide default environment to app for templating. (Dávid Kovács, Chi Trinh)
  • GH #800: Better portability code, for different Windows situations. (Christian Walde)
  • Less littering of the test directories with session files. (Sawyer X)


  • GH #810: strict && warnings in the (Sawyer X)
  • Use to_app keyword in skeleton. (Sawyer X)
  • GH #801: Under production, server tokens are disabled. (Sawyer X)
  • GH #588, #779: Remove LWP::UserAgent in favor of HTTP::Tiny. (Dávid Kovács, simbabque, Sawyer X)
  • Remove all usages of Test::TCP in favor of Plack::Test. (Sawyer X)


  • GH #802: Remove indication of warnings configuration option and add explanation in migration document. (Sawyer X)
  • GH #806: Link in main docs to the migration document. (Gabor Szabo)
  • GH #807: Update migration document with more session data, changes to, and Template::Toolkit configuration. (Gabor Szabo)
  • GH #813: Update migration document with information on encoding and usage of Plack::Request internally. (Gabor Szabo, Sawyer X)

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