New Dancer2 release en route to CPAN: 0.158000

A new Dancer2 release is heading to CPAN as we speak.

Christmas threw us off a bit on timing but we're back on track this week with our weekly Dancer2 release.

Important changes include a significant speed boost when you're uploading big files (by not buffering small chunks and adding them constantly) and importing utf8 properly - a subject investigated to its fullest by Maxim Vuets.

I would like to thank all the developers who helped this release in order of appearance in the changelog: Dávid Kovács, Rick Myers, Russell Jenkins, Maxim Vuets, and James Raspass. Thank you all!

The full list of changes is as following:

* GH #778: Avoid hard-coded static page location. (Dávid Kovács)
* Speed up big uploads significantly. (Rick Myers)
* GH #821: Use Import::Into to import pragmas. (Russell Jenkins)
* GH #782: Fix utf8 pragma import. (Maxim Vuets)
* GH #786: Perlbrew fix. (Dávid Kovács)
* GH #622: Refactoring. (James Raspass)

* GH #713: Change order of statements in Cookbook to not imply that
  D2::P::Ajax::ajax() calls have priority. (Sawyer X)

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