Dancer2 0.159000 waiting for you on CPAN!

Hi everyone,

It's been a little while since we had a release. We took longer this time because this release provides a few major improvements we wanted to mature.

With 13 contributors and 23 tickets closed, I'd like to present Dancer2 0.159000.

There are three major changes in this release:

  • Asynchronous streaming support (also known as Delayed Responses).
  • Cleanup of the Manual and Cookbook
  • Remove dependency on MIME::Types

Dancer2 now supports full asynchronous and streaming responses while remaining event loop agnostic. You can use whichever event loop you want. An example for its usage can be found in our Manual.

We will provide more examples in the near future.

The Manual and Cookbook have been revamped, thanks to the work of Snigdha Dagar, our OPW (Outreach Program for Women) contributor. This results in cleaner, clearer, and accurate documentation.

The removal of MIME::Types allows us to maintain a smaller core at a low price. We're using the MIME support from Plack now, and if you have MIME::Types installed, we will use it as a fallback.

A special thanks to anyone involved in this commit, especially the following people (in order of appearance in the Changelog):

Russell Jenkins, Lennart Hengstmengel, Nikita K, pants, Daniel Muey, Dávid Kovács, Graham Knop, Sawyer X, Alberto Simões, Snigdha Dagar, Omar M. Othman, Nuno Carvalho, and Vince W.

The full changelog for this release:

* GH #762: Delay app cleanup until errors are rendered. (Russell Jenkins)
* GH #835: Correct Logic error in Logger if no request exists.
           (Lennart Hengstmengel)
* GH #839: Correct "no_server_tokens" definition in production.yml.
           (Nikita K)
* GH #853, #852: Handle malformed (contentless) cookies. (pants)
* GH #840, #842: Ensure session data available to template engines.
                 (Russell Jenkins)
* GH #565, #847, #849: Fix HTTP Status template logic and documentation.
                       (Daniel Muey, Russell Jenkins, Dávid Kovács)
* GH #843: Add missing attributes to Moo class used in tests. (Graham Knop)

* GH #836: Support delayed (asynchronous) responses!
           ("Delayed responses" in Dancer2::Manual for more information.)
           (Sawyer X)
* GH #824: Use Plack::MIME by default, MIME::Types as failback if available.
           (Alberto Simões)
* GH #792, #848: Keywords can now use prototypes.
                 (Russell Jenkins, Sawyer X)

* GH #837, #838, #841: Major documentation restructure. (Snigdha Dagar)
  (Check eb9416e9 and a78e27d7 for more details.)
* GH #823: Cleanup Manual and Cookbook docs. (Omar M. Othman)
* GH #828: Provide README.mkdn. (Nuno Carvalho)
* GH #830: Fix typo in Session::YAML pod. (Vince W)
* GH #831,#832: Fix broken link in Session::YAML pod. (Vince W)

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