Dancer Master Class at YAPC::NA 2015

If you're interested in web development and/or the Dancer web framework, we're running a very special Dancer Master Class at this year's YAPC::NA.

The Dancer Master Class (Programming the web with Dancer - watch for the transparent YAPC website header blocking the title in the link) will cover a variety of topics, starting from the ground up.

You will learn the concepts of web programming, how Dancer works internally (using the latest Dancer2 version!), our architectural recommendations for laying out the foundations of a proper web application, how to use Dancer in different deployment environments, and have a blast writing a website and a web API to practice and build upon all you learned, all in a single day.

The course will be conducted by two Dancer core developers: Mickey Nasriachi and myself, Sawyer X.

The course is also at an incredibly low price ($75 - cost price!), since is sponsoring it. If you don't mind me saying, this is a special opportunity.

If you work at a company that uses Dancer, recommend this to your boss so they register you.

if you thought of writing a website using Dancer or wish to learn more about your favorite web framework (assuming it's Dancer), go ahead and register.

Feel free to recommend it to colleagues and friends who you think will benefit from it.

Did I mention there are limited seats? :)


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