New Dancer2 release en route to CPAN: 0.163000 and new core dev!

Hi everyone,

We have another great Dancer2 release hitting CPAN as we speak. This time with an announcement on a new core dev joining the Dancer team: Jason Crome. Please give him a warm welcome! We're very happy to have him join us and help make Dancer2 more approachable and welcoming to new-comers.

We're very excited about this release as it carries some great changes and new features.


  • Internal errors do not accidentally trigger a 404.
  • Removing intermediate warnings between plugin systems transition.


  • New keywords: route_parameters, request_parameters, and body_parameters. These are considered safer and more comfortable than param or params. We hope everyone switch to them instead. Try them out!
  • Delayed responses now have on_error providing a handler for errors when you have a streaming handler error. These should work on all event loops and isn't tied to a specific one.
  • Dancer2 command line utility dancer2 now accepts -s for a skeleton directory so you can provide your own skeletons.
  • You can now use Dancer2 with the :nopragmas flag to prevent Dancer2 importing any pragmas into your namespace.
  • We now warn when you create a route parameter called captures or splat, since it can conflict.


  • Fix instructions on running app.psgi files.
  • Add beginner-friendly application running.
  • Expanding on auto-reloading features in Plack.

I want to thank everyone involved in this release and to the Dancer community.

Have a great dance, :) Sawyer and the Dancer Core Dev Team.

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