Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: May 10th-18th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

May 10th-18th

News and updates

Sawyer X reports that this month will see a release of another development release (instead of next month) in order to accommodate changes which waited until 5.24.0 and 5.25.0 were released.

Tony Cook provided his grant reports. In total about 32 hours and approximately 16 tickets were reviewed or working on, and 1 patch applied.

Dave Mitchell provided his grant report. The majority of the work was done to try and make Scope::Upper work on 5.24.0.

Craig A. Berry announced that binary kits of Perl 5.24.0 for OpenVMS are now available.


New issues

Resolved issues

Proposed patches

Maxwell Hadyn provided a patch in Perl #128105 to clarify the description of sprintf %.1g in perlfunc.

Jim Cromie provided a patch in Perl #128112 to improve the bug handling of glibc i-modulo.

Chad Granum (Exordist) provided a patch in Perl #128113 to upgrade Test-Simple in perl blead.

Lukas Mai provided a patch for Perl #128131 to fix the link-time optimization (LTO) for GCC 6.

Salvador Fandiño provided a patch to fix a PerlIO::encoding test.

Tony Cook provided a patch in Perl #126228.

Karen Etheridge provided a patch in Perl #128153 to upgrade Module::Metadata to 1.000032 and another in Perl #128160 to silence some diagnostic messages that were printed with the first patch. Karen also submitted a patch in Perl #128169 to remove internal test modules from Module::CoreList.

Jerry D. Hedden provided patches to update threads and threads::shared to 2.08 and 1.52, respectively.


Mojca Miklavec has taken over maintainership of perl5 in MacPorts and asks for advise on the appropriate configuration flags. An answer provided by Craig A. Berry.

James E. Keenan set up a smoke branch to test the upgrade patch in Perl #128113 (mentioned above) and asks whether we should still merge to blead for sensitive distributions. Tony Cook intends to apply the patch soon. Tony provided some benchmark results, and Chad Granum provided an explanation of possible differences.

The discussion about removing . from @INC is continuing, thanks to constant bumps from Todd Rinaldo. I recommend reading about the topic and its possible effects and various offered solutions.

Ricardo Signes asks if anything is preventing us from moving lexical subroutines from "experimental". Father Chrysostomos mentions Perl #123367.

H. Merijn Brand (Tux) reports he benchmarked Perl 5.24.0 and sees an improvement in speed.

Timothy Madden asked how to use I/O from native C extensions. Leon Timmermands provides an answer.

Karl Williamson reminds everyone to update all RT tickets for 5.26 pending release.

Aaron Crane asks about a proposal to deprecated and remove a C-specific function from

Following no objections, Dave Mitchell had set -DPERL_PARENT_OP as default.

Alberto Simões asks about the return keyword behavior in a map block.

Note-worthy, Aaron Crane's explanation for a particular bug.

H. Merijn (Tux) Brand had# a problem which Zefram pinned to a check done on the shebang for Perl 6 which created a false positive. There's an active discussion on whether the check should be reverted or kept.

Karl Williamson asks about Perl #57512 (implicit close()s are silently unchecked for error). Ricardo Signes explains the problem and Father Chrysostomos elaborates. It would seem that under the new context stack Dave Mitchell has written, this class of errors could be fixed.

Karl Williamson simplified and generalized mathom.c, which is a file that keeps several definitions, originally meant for binary compatibility. Dave Mitchell suggests cleaning up up after every stable release.


The link for Perl #100183: Carp won't print $. if it's in "chunk" mode. shouldn't lead to Perl's RT, but the module's one:

Just FYI. Please note that in

H. Merijn Brand (Tux) reports he benchmarked Perl 5.24.0

Tux is referring to my blog post where I report on asking Isaac to update Perl's rankings on the Benchmarks Game using perl 5.24.0 which is not related to the benchmark results reported in this message.

Following my post on the performance improvements in 5.23.5, Isaac asked me to ping him when 5.24 was released. As a result of moving to 5.24 from 5.20, Perl showed up to 35% improvement in some benchmarks (median approx. 10%), and moved ahead of Python 3 in several benchmarks.

Although Reini is not impressed, I consider this a very positive development.

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