Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: June 16th-21st

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

June 16th-21st

News and updates

If you like Coro, and you are wondering about the support for perl, you can view the following patches by Dave Mitchell (mentioned below as well) that allow Coro to work correctly on perl. Whether they will be applied in Coro is a different question.

Karl Williamson updates that Unicode 9.0 Emoji is now available for adoption.

Grant reports


New issues

Resolved issues

Ivan Pozdeev's patch on removing superfluous -Ilib was merged.

Salvador Fandino's patch to fix a test of PerlIO::encoding was merged.

While Dave Mitchell fixed one warning produced by GCC 6.1, there is a disagreement on another (with an explanation) and comments on others.

Proposed patches

Jim Cromie provides revised patches for Perl #127885 (enhance to test same perl under different options/args).

Dan Collins provided patches to test the problem presented in Perl #128420 (changes in regex recursion in 5.25).

Dave Mitchell provided revised patches for Coro which can be merged to restore the compatibility with perl.


Dave Mitchell comments how Perl #127774 (Segfault in caller()) was properly fixed as part of the context stack system rework, which - if you're interested in the context stack - you might find interesting as well.

Dave Mitchell updates that, based on the responses in the thread discussing listing build options in perl -V, he made a change to list each option per line.

On the topic of inconsistencies in memory size types in the code, Dave Mitchell notes his preference on standardizing Size_t and SSize_t. Father Chrysostomos adds that he prefers STRLEN and MEM_SIZE because he views them as clearer. To continue this, Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker had posted a branch that standardizes some of this. All STRLEN and MEM_SIZE had been converted to Size_t and converts ssize_t to SSize_t.

Aristotle Pagaltzis provides a good break-down on the comments made in Perl #127684 (operators ||| and &&&) and suggests the ticket be closed.

Dave Mitchell provides comments on Perl #128083 (silent encoding of filenames with UTF8 flag set) and how system works.

Tony Cook provides additional comments on Perl #127663 (safety for -i option).

Andreas Koenig reports some verbose test results due to the new unescaped literal left-brace warning. Karl Williamson delved into the presented cases and provided a pull request to the respected author.

Dave Mitchell reverted the commit that updates Time::HiRes to 1.9735 because it causes tests to hang, until the issue is resolved.

In relation to Perl #128226 (remove the requirement for null termination on PVs), Dave Mitchell had done a survey of SvPV* in the perl source and of SvPV_* and SvPVX*.


>Dave Mitchell provided revised patches for Coro which can be merged to restore the compatibility with perl.

I have two questions.

Where are the patches?

Will Coro work well in Perl 5.26 widhout any patches?

> Coro has been using internal interfaces which were subject to change and indeed changed. Even though some people advertised that those internal interfaces in perl core must change back in order for Coro to work, it is not true.

Yuki, the above part of Sawyer's comment is so (deliberately?) misleading, that in practice constitutes a lie. The fallout of the change in question is neither limited to Coro[1], nor is the original motivation[2] considered worth the trouble by a large contingent of perl-folk[3].

Sawyer, I believe that your current position as Pumpking compels you to clarify/revise your earlier statement.

Thank you in advance.

[1] As stated in AP's event recap the fallout includes (but is by no means limited to) older versions of mod_perl, and an unknown number of darkpan code relying on the SWIG bindings.

[2] See last paragraph of the commit message, which was further defended by its author as recently as 2 months ago.

[3] The author and 3 reviewers of the original recap (Aristotle Pagaltzis, Andreas König, Graham Knop, Peter Rabbitson), and additionally Aaron Crane, Dave Mitchell, Paul Evans,

Sawyer X

thanks for your reply.

I understand whether if Coro will work well in Perl 5.26.

Peter Rabbitson

I had questions about only Coro. Sawyer X reply about it politely. Please don't blame him.

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