Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: July 23rd-26th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past half week. Enjoy!

July 23rd-26th

This report only covers a few days.

News and updates

5.22.3-RC2 is now available (Perl 5.22.3-RC2 is now available!)!

5.24.1-RC2 is now available (Perl 5.24.1-RC2 is now available!)!

These releases carry a security fix for CVE-2016-1238, comments by Sawyer X here (CVE-2016-1238: Important unsafe module load path flaw). The original ticket has since been closed for a short period.

Leon Timmermans adds (Dual-life github organization) that there is now a Github organization for Dual-life modules.


New issues

  • Perl #128701: Unicode handling of warnings appears broken in 5.18.2 and 5.24.0.
  • Perl #128708: recommended 'my sub' example in perlsub leaks memory.
  • Perl #128709: Variable "$x" is not available triggered by lexical subs.
  • Perl #128719: With signatures and my vars: state variable $y masks earlier declaration.
  • Perl #128734: tr/// with named Unicode chars broken since 5.23.3.
  • Perl #128738: \x{ffffffff} as string delim preserves \\.


Todd Rinaldo renews ([perl #127810] Provide -Dfortify_inc Configure option to remove .from @INC) the suggestion of removing . (current directory) from @INC.

On the 22nd (not included in previous release), Dave Mitchell shares (merging optimising sub signature work so far) he is working on optimizing subroutine signatures in a branch. Father Chrysostomos already provided a lot of responses on that in that thread and in a previous thread (Re: Concerning the smoke-me/davem/sub_argsB2 branch).

Yaroslav Kuzmin asks about ASCII support in z/OS in Perl

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