Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: June 30th - July 5th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week. Enjoy!

June 30th - July 5th

News and updates

Having asked and received approving comments, Karl Williamson pushed a commit that uses Script_Extensions property (scx) as the new underlying for single-value synonyms in Perl (instead of Script property, sc).

Paul Evans is working on an implementation of async/await, and wrote three emails on the topic: overview, plan of attack, and call to action. Seems very exciting so far!


New issues

Resolved issues

Proposed patches

Salvatore Bonaccorso provided a patch in Perl #128517 to make ExtUtils::ParseXS output reproducible.

Dan Collins provides a patch for Perl #128538 (Fix copy/paste error in Configure).

Dan also provided a patch for a test in Perl #6997 ("Useless use of concatenation" warning not triggered by multiple concatenations).

Chad Granum provided a patch in RT#128536 to update Test-Simple in blead to 1.302037.


Matthew Horsfall provided submitted a patch for supporting indented heredocs. The thread is a very fun read. It also split to the this thread. There is now a conversation on how early can we introduce this feature while deprecating some old syntax, <<- at the same time.

Shlomi Fish asks about an error he receives in a piece of code.

Alberto Simões asks about typemaps and sending substr as a parameter to a function in XS. Solution available here and the lovely response.

Ed Avis asks about calling a subroutine within itself without using parenthesis. sub foo { foo 3; } currently doesn't work. Should it?


Is async/await syntax a coroutine support in Perl core?

It's coroutine support effectively, yes. Coroutines organised by the use of Futures; in much the way that a lot of other languages, both static and dynamic, seem to be doing lately.

But it's not going in core, no. At least, not initially.

If it goes into core, then even if right now today I had the code 100% ready and working, it would make it into 5.25.something, and the first real release you could use it with would be 5.26.

No, I'm building this initially as an XS module to live on CPAN. With any luck I'll be able to implement it entirely with the custom keyword features added in 5.16, meaning you could install and then use it on any perl as far back as 5.16. This therefore makes it much more useful; as it means it can work just fine on existing perl installs from today, last year,.. even four years ago.


I think it is good to implement coroutine in core because coroutine often depends on core internal implementation.

Where is the repository of your async/await module?

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