Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 1st-6th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


November 1st-6th

News and highlights

podlators 4.09 released!

Dennis Kaarsemaker made (Gitweb upgrade on camel) was able to upgrade our old custom Gitweb and provide us with a new shiny version, while also trying to reduce the crawling and bots.

Grant reports


New issues

Resolved issues

  • Perl #129995: heap-use-after-free in Perl_sv_catpvn_flags.
  • Perl #129996: Bleadperl v5.25.6-78-g8b0c337 breaks MARCEL/Devel-SearchINC-2.103460.tar.gz.
  • Perl #129997: heap-use-after-free sv_catpvn_flags within Perl_do_vop.
  • Perl #130001: h2xs: avoid infinite loop for enums.

Rejected issues

Suggested patches

Dave Rolsky provided a patch to perlobj with changes, asking for review. The patch has been merged.

Nicholas R. provided a patch in Perl #129990 to reduce malloc and free in S_parse_gv_stash_name.

Andy Lester continues the work on removing warnings from using clang's -Weverything and provided another patch in Perl #129998 which raised the issue of casting to I32 vs. IV (or maybe UV). A subset off this patch was submitted as Perl #130008 and merged.


The patch to improve the hek definition in hv.h had to be reverted since it broke HP-UX. Yves Orton is looking into it.

Dave Mitchell found a test in Net::Ping that used sudo and, following agreement througout, fixed it.

Yves Orton has been working on a new COW implementation and provided (A possible new approach to COW - COW_META) a preliminary report on it.

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