Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 6th-16th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week and a half.


November 6th-16th

News and highlights

Aaron Crane dropped Linux a.out support.

Dennis Kaarsemaker is removing (Neutering the APC - Archive of Perl Changes) the set of sync-able tarballs of old perl versions. If you object, you have a week. :)

Dave Mitchell is cleaned up various old and unused SV flags.

Aaron Crane proposed subroutine signature introspection he had written.

Thanks to Matthew Horsfall (alh), we now have indented heredocs!

Grant reports

  • Tony Cook TPF Grant 8 report 3.
  • Tony Cook TPF Grant 8 report 4.
  • Tony Cook TPF Grant October 2016 report.
  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 reports 147 and 148.


New issues

Resolved issues

  • Perl #119359: perlvar/Errno contradict each other about %!.
  • Perl #120182: B::Deparse fails at UTF-8 in regexes.
  • Perl #125810: regex performance: braces { } slower than star *.
  • Perl #126305: unary minus on barewords not constant folded.
  • Perl #128295: Strange bug with -Dprefix=/usr and -Dversiononly.
  • Perl #128967: Inconsistency between doc and code for chown using negative argument: -1.
  • Perl #129071: Perl git repository not available over HTTPS.
  • Perl #129826: Invalid read of size 8 in S_parse_body when argv ends with --.
  • Perl #129897: Unexpected behavior with a regular expression.
  • Perl #129927: error messages refer to do as require.
  • Perl #129997: Bug #129995 for perl5: heap-use-after-free in Perl_sv_catpvn_flags.
  • Perl #129000: heap-buffer-overflow Perl_utf8_hop.

Rejected issues

Suggested patches

Karl Williamson provided a patch for Perl #130010 (v5.25.5-184-ga5540cf breaks texinfo).

Todd Rinaldo provided a patch in Perl #130087 to reduce module dependencies of B and O.

Nicholas R. (Atoomic) provided a patch in Perl #130084 to reduce memory consumption for hashes at the (hopefully low enough) cost of speed.

Nicholas also provided a merged patch in Perl #130082: to clean up PERL_VERSION checks in .c files.

Nick Koston provided a patch in Perl #130101 to reduce the memory consumption of Data::Dumper.

Andy Lester continues his work and provided a patch with various tweaks to time64.c in Perl #130121.


Following Nicholas' patch in Perl #130084, Yves Orton and Nicholas discussed the issue.

Todd Rinaldo suggested deprecating a newly added option (PERL_USE_UNSAFE_INC) in 5.30, in order to not normalize its usage and keep it for the transition period to having no dot in @INC.

Dave Mitchell noticed that lexical subroutines can override keywords. Father Chrysostomos explained why it is intentional.

Yves Orton provided an explanation of ties and magic (variables @+, %+, and %-) and saving state.

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