Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: February 7th-12th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


February 7th-12th

News and updates

Sawyer X provided an update on the patch which will be applied to for 5.24.2 and 5.22.4.

Todd Rinaldo provided an update on removing . from @INC and the implications of it on CPAN. One possible consequence is introducing Module::Install into core.

Todd has provided a summary of a limited-scoped solution.

\c` and the like have been undeprecated. The background to this is here.

Grant reports


New issues

Karl Williamson reports two warning messages.

Resolved issues

Suggested patches

Missing from last week's summary, Andy Lester provided a patch to cleanup some mathoms in Perl #130717.

Tony Cook provided a patch for Perl #130632: Memory leak in Perl_yylex.

Tony also provided a patch for Perl #128263: Assert failure in Perl_magic_get.

Jim Cromie provided (more process_optree) a patch a patch to clean up some opcode processing.


Michael Albert is working on a Python port of Storable and has asked for help regarding the internals.

Karl Williamson asks about 4 unused bits in the SV flag. It is probably the highest value real estate in the Perl data structures. :)

Hugo van der Sanden is trying to collect (Stack refcount synopsis) all the information about the stack ref counting behavior and possible solutions.

Karl Williamson is also working on thoroughly checking for well formed UTF8 in a program code.

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