Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: March 6th-12th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


March 6th-12th

News and updates

Karl Williamson updates about a Unicode Emoji proposal (UTS #51, Unicode Emoji proposed update available).

Karl Williamson also updates that Unicode 10 Beta Review is now out (Unicode 10.0 Beta Review). There is also a branch available.

Grant reports

  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 report 165.
  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 February 2017 report.


New issues

Resolved issues

  • Perl #128302: split docs don't mention pattern modifiers.
  • Perl #130921: Bleadperl v5.25.5-100-g2b5e7bc2e6 breaks JDDPAUSE/re-engine-GNU-0.021.tar.gz.


Perl #32714 (Objects destroyed in the wrong order during global destruction) has been revived with a new discussion around destruction.

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