Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: June 20th-28th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week and a half.


June 20th-28th


Encode 2.91 is now available.

Karl Williamson added (blead now has Unicode 10) support for Unicode 10.

Dave Mitchell updated Scalar-List-Utils to version 1.47.

An update from Steve Hay on maintenance releases.

Grant Reports


New Issues

Resolved Issues

  • Perl #131646: utf8.c: Assertion failure.
  • Perl #131659: Bleadperl v5.27.0-228-g34f8e9c776 breaks JREFIOR/Finance-StockAccount-0.01.tar.gz.


Tony Cook provided a patch for Perl #131570 (SIGBUS in Perl_leave_adjust_stacks()).

Tony also provided a patch for Perl #131546 (Can open() to an in-memory scalar return false?).

Another patch by Tony, this time for Perl #131577 (heap-use-after-free (READ of size 1) in S_reghop4()).

Chas Owen provided a patch in Perl #131651: Add to add -P and -N to accommodate -p and -n, but using the double diamond operator (<<>>), which is safer.

Vitali Peli, a new contributor, provided a patch to add descriptions to tests in Perl #131655.


Abigail notes that the new /xx does not ignore newlines. The thread continued to discuss newlines, as well as comments.

Todd Rinaldo asked about compiling regular expressions during runtime.

Dave Mitchell suggests (deprecate deprecating bytes.

Dave also suggested we discourage the usage of even stronger.

Kenichi Ishigaki mentioned in Perl #131664: (Interpolation of @{^CAPTURE} and its friends doesn't work) that the new capture variables do not interpolate. Yves Orton already provided a fix for it!

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