Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: August 7th-14th

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Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past week.


Edit: Tony's suggestion was to change the new behavior to warning if it breaks CPAN.

August 7th-14th

News and Updates

Zefram added a new API function: cv_get_call_checker_flags().

Karl Williamson started collected all the functions in core that are unsafe in multi-threaded applications.

Karl is also looking at cleaning up incorrect definitions of I32 U32 in embed.fnc.

Grant Reports


New Issues

Resolved Issues

Suggested Patches

Tony Cook provided a patch for Perl #131836 (use-after-free in Perl_yylex).

Tony also provided a patch for Perl #131746 (runtime error: null pointer passed as argument 1, which is declared to never be null).

Another patch by Tony to Perl #131893 (runtime error: signed integer overflow).

Tony also provided a patch for Perl #131894 (runtime error: shift exponent -2 is negative).


Following Perl #131725 (number parsing), Tony Cook suggested changing the new behavior to a warning if the change breaks CPAN.

Zefram is discussing the my_strerror() function and $!.

Abigail continues investigating the behavior of @{^CAPTURE} and now with (?(DEFINE)).

Herbert Breunung started discussing ideas for changes in perldoc.

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