Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: November 21st - December 5th

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past two weeks.


November 21st - December 5th

News and Updates

Our deadline of deprecating $[ is set to 5.30.

ExtUtils::CBuilder updates from 0.280228 to 0.280230.

Grant Reports

  • Zefram 2017 TPF Grant Week 47.

  • Zefram 2017 TPF Grant Week 48.

  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 weekly report 186.

  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 weekly report 187.


New Issues

  • Perl #132481: Minor doc bug in pod/perlop.pod.
  • Perl #132485: Old package separator syntax.
  • Perl #132489: canonical truth values from overloaded predicates.
  • Perl #132490: context consistency for overloaded operators.
  • Perl #132492: Inward goto deprecation has no removal date.
  • Perl #132493: Bleadperl v5.27.5-387-g006c1a1dbd breaks RKINYON/DBM-Deep-2.0014.tar.gz.
  • Perl #132502: Missing warning 'scalar value better written as...' when using reference.
  • Perl #132505: mkdir documentation: "MASK" -> "MODE"?
  • Perl #132506: build failure on NetBSD (likely due to new in-place edit code).
  • Perl #132527: Bleadperl v5.27.5-398-g19a8de4862 breaks MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-HTTP-2.23.tar.gz.
  • Perl #132528: Bleadperl v5.27.5-396-gdd6661605f breaks VPIT/B-RecDeparse-0.10.tar.gz.

Resolved Issues

  • Perl #118139: Storable in DESTROY blocks.
  • Perl #119829: usemymalloc cannot handle long strings.
  • Perl #119831: Data::Dumper: Useqq should apply to glob names, too.
  • Perl #125330: 'Masks earlier declaration' warning move from misc to syntax.
  • Perl #127391: possible inconsistency in "perlop" documentation on associativity of operators.
  • Perl #127712: defined on Hash of Hash defines an element in the hash.
  • Perl #128899: printf %a mishandles several edge cases on long doubles.
  • Perl #130578: op.c: Assertion failure.
  • Perl #131061: Documentation of backslash operator inducing list context for its operand is missing.
  • Perl #131672: perldebguts documentation should be fixed.
  • Perl #131894: runtime error: shift exponent -2 is negative.
  • Perl #132479: t/op/pack.t fails two tests in GCC "long doubles" builds on Windows.
  • Perl #132505: mkdir documentation: "MASK" -> "MODE"?
  • Perl #132527: Bleadperl v5.27.5-398-g19a8de4862 breaks MLEHMANN/AnyEvent-HTTP-2.23.tar.gz.

Suggested Patches

Nicholas R. (Atoomic) provided a patch to add flags for bless and tie to Storable.

Marco Fontani provided a now-merged patch for Perl #132505 (mkdir documentation: "MASK" -> "MODE"?)

Marco also provided a merged patch to document adding patches to RT issues.

Pali provided a patch in Perl #132533 (Devel::PPPort: Implement croak_sv, die_sv, mess_sv, warn_sv and other mess function).


Zefram has implemented a revision of smart-match. Discussion ensued.

Zefram also has a proposal for smartmatch signatures.

A discussion was held on Perl #132485 (Old package separator syntax).

There is a conversation happening on the breakage introduced to AnyEvent by fixing a side-effect of an optimization which AnyEvent considers a feature.

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