Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: December 11th - January 1st

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for the past month.


December 11th - January 1st

Happy holidays!

News and Updates

Perl 5.27.7 is released!

The new smart match broke a considerable amount of CPAN modules and will therefore be reverted.

Andreas Koenig provided a patch to update to 2.20-TRIAL.

Dave Mitchell suggested making PERL_OP_PARENT compulsory in 5.28.0. This has since been done.

Karl Williamson provided a new version of his implementation of script runs.

Is it time to declare string- and number-specific bitwise ops fully stable and enable it in use v5.28? Check Perl #123707.

Pip Cet provided an explanation of how he uses the SpiderMonkey GC to find memory leaks in Perl.

podlators 4.10 is out.

Grant Reports

  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 10 report 2.
  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 10 report 3.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2017 Week 50 report.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2017 Week 51 report.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2017 Week 52 report.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2017 December report.


New Issues

Resolved Issues

Rejected Issues

  • Perl #77510: when() as a statement modifier outside a topicalizer both works and fails.
  • Perl #77690: warnings::enabled, ::warnif etc. provide no way to specify the number of call frames.
  • Perl #77974: [PATCH] Record method calls in the context stack.
  • Perl #90134: s2p doesn't understand sed anymore.
  • Perl #90240: keys(@array) gives too many indices.
  • Perl #96538: Closures returned from threads don't wrap around the right lexicals.
  • Perl #105278: Add warning for exists($a[0]) and delete($a[0]).
  • Perl #109204: UTF-8 bug in Test::More and/or Test::Builder.
  • Perl #113898: File::Spec::Unix->catfile("./a") ne File::Spec::Unix->catfile(".", "a").
  • Perl #114786: EXISTS and SCALAR return values are treated differently.
  • Perl #115834: Successfull match $_[0] =~ /foo(.+)/ overrides $_[0] if function called as foo($1).
  • Perl #116020: toggle operator missing reset: proposal.
  • Perl #119127: RFE: file handle duping in the Bourne shell tradition.
  • Perl #119315: [EXPERIMENT] the lexical topic, my $_.
  • Perl #119863: bug in Math::BigInt with undef.
  • Perl #121023: CPAN misinterprets 404 status as 407.
  • Perl #121646: while each %$ref clobbers @_ in some circumstances.
  • Perl #122905: pod2html crash on Linux.
  • Perl #123292: hash dereference of undefined value.
  • Perl #123698: 5.20 threaded regression: -truth option breaks string literals in closures.
  • Perl #123881: compiler warnings when building perl 5.20.1 with glibc 2.20/gcc 4.9.1 (Hardened Gentoo).
  • Perl #127640: RFE: qqw( $var/x $var/y word3 $var4=word4 ).
  • Perl #128349: Benchmark module doesn't use documented format for times.
  • Perl #130038: Builtin variable for loop index in foreach.
  • Perl #130818: [PATCH] Remove EPOC and MacOS Classic support from PathTools.

Suggested Patches

Marco Fontani provided another patch (which was merged) to resolve Perl #116080 (Doc issues for system, exec, qx).

Karl Williamson wonders (regrepeat()) whether we should introduce an optimization for repeating characters on a pattern like (foo)+.


Leon raised the need for a language design process.

Zefram raised (smartmatch/switch deprecation for 5.28) the topic of smart match again with regards to what to deprecate in smart match.

Karl Williamson suggested two deprecations: literal \v in patterns except under /x and /[#]/xx.

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