Perl 5 Porters Mailing List Summary: January 10th-31st

Hey everyone,

Following is the p5p (Perl 5 Porters) mailing list summary for past weeks.


January 10th-31st

News and Updates

Perl 5.27.8 has been released!

Grant Reports

  • Zefram TPF Grant 2018 Week 2.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2018 Week 3.
  • Zefram TPF Grant 2018 week 4.
  • Tony Cook TPF Grant 10 Report 5.
  • Tony Cook TPF Grant 10 report 6.
  • Tony Cook TPF Grant 10 report 7.
  • Dave Mitchell TPF Grant 2 weekly report for weeks 191-194.


New Issues

Resolved Issues

Rejected Issues

  • Perl #21273: Segmentation fault in recursive FETCH.
  • Perl #22958: a problem with encoding and -i.
  • Perl #31321: a2p fails to parse valid do-while loop in awk script.
  • Perl #132743: Incorrect perl version in deprecation error message.

Suggested patches

Tum Hukins provided a patch to set a more sensible -O optimization on FreeBSD. Patch was merged.

Jerry Hedden provided a patch to upgrade threads to 2.21 and another to upgrade threads::shared to 1.58.

Tom Wyant provided an applied patch in Perl #132748 to fix a typo in script_run docs.

Paul Evans is asking (Future::AsyncAwait and sub signatures) for advice on parsing signatures within Future::AsyncAwait.

Karl Williamson has another idea for speeding up /i matching on ASCII characters.

Pali provided patches for Devel::PPPort, merged since.

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