Perl client for NATS Streaming Messaging System

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With micro-services and cloud being a buzzwords of the day it's no surprise that a market for messaging systems is pretty busy at the moment.

One such system (NATS and persistent version NATS Streaming) seems to be a leader among relatively new arrivals. If interested please read more on it at its official page

There's a lot of clients for original NATS already exist on the market, including one for Perl,
Net::NATS::Client, though without support for recently added NATS Streaming. I did not think that was optimal and wrote one.

The purpose of this blog post is the announcement of new Perl Client for NATS streaming I just uploaded to CPAN and github Net::NATS::Streaming::Client.

From the README.

Net::NATS::Streaming::Client - A Perl client 
for the NATS Streaming messaging system.

Basic Usage
This class is a subclass of Net::NATS::Client 
and delegates all networking to the parent.

use Net::NATS::Streaming::Client;
$client = Net::NATS::Streaming::Client->new(
  uri => 'nats://localhost:4222'

$client->connect() or die $!;

$subscription = $client->subscribe_channel(
  { subject => 'foo' }, sub { warn shift->data } 
  { subject => 'foo', data => 'Hello, World!'}



Hopefully it'll be useful for Perl community.

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