Eligo Sponsors the DBIx::Class Hackathon

Thanks for the Venue

It is our great pleasure to announce that the DBIx::Class Hackathon, to be held in Swindon on the weekend of the 12th April, will have its venue sponsored by the wonderful people at Eligo.

Eligo are a niche boutique recruitment consultancy with a team of dedicated Perl Consultants.

They live and breathe our markets. In fact they like to think they are as passionate about the sector as those who work within it. If you want proof of it stop by and meet Rick Deller one of their Senior Perl Consultants.

Eligo are able to find you the right person and/or job whether you are looking for- Permanent Contract, Temporary and Fixed Term Contracts

Eligo specialise in and have experience in recruiting Perl Specialists across a wide range of sectors.

The organisers of the DBIx::Class Hackathon are deeply indebted to Eligo for sponsoring the event. We still have a number of sponsorship opportunities to help cover food, accommodation and travel and to ensure the event can be held again.

If you would like to sponsor the DBIx::Class Hackathon then please contact Mark Keating or Jess Robinson (m.keating and j.robinson both @shadowcat.co.uk) for more information.

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