'For the first time in forever'(1) Send-A-Newbie will be supporting YAPC::NA

by Claire Jackson and Mark Keating
The Enlightened Perl Organisation has been supporting newcomers to many perl events for a number of years. The official send-a-newbie program has been run in conjunction with YAPC::EU since 2009.

This year, we are proud to announce, that the initiative has been expand to assist
neophytes in accessing YAPC::NA::2014 to take place in Orlando, Florida.

Since this is the initial year the program has been organised between a chosen attendee and the conference organisers to test the process and implementation of this, hopefully, yearly initiative.

Adding YAPC::NA to the list of events covered by the Send-a-Newbie initiative, furthers the idea of a global representation of Perl and the chance for more tenderfoots to engage in the community. The SAN initiative is not restricted to age, experience or location and has seen delegates from India, Asia, UK, Netherlands, Spain.

The SAN initiative for this year's YAPC::EU::2014 is now open for applications. YAPC::EU will be held in the beautiful city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Head on over to the send-a-newbie application page if you’re new to Perl conferences and wish to apply for a potential position.

This initiative is a worthy venture that exists solely on the generosity of our sponsors and members. If you would like to sponsor please contact Claire or Mark (c.l.jackson and m.keating both @shadowcat.co.uk), or you can donate online on our donations page. We would like to seek companies and individuals who wish association with this event.

(1) For the first time in forever
This news I must relate
For the first time in forever
There's support within the states
We're running the send-a-newbie
At YAPC::NA this year
For the first time in forever,
That continent can cheer
(Based on 'For the First time in Forever' by Kristen Bell, Soundtrack to the film Frozen. This version Mark Keating)

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