CTRL O Sponsor the DBIx::Class Hackathon

The organisers of the DBIx::Class hackathon would like to extend our thanks and warmest regards to CTRL O (ctrolo.com) for their generous support of this year's hackathon.

CTRL O will sponsor the food for all the attendees on the day of the event and have done so to help contribute back to a project and community who have provided them with a magnificent tool and useful help via irc and mailing lists. We would like to extend our warmest thanks to Andrew Beverly for this generous gift.

The DBIx::Class Hackathon is a new event for 2014 and is intended to gather a range of people interested in enhancing this important Perl project. Lead organiser on the team is Jess 'castaway' Robinson, long time Dbic user and angel of the docs. Jess is joined in organisation by her partner, James 'theorbtwo' Mastros; the ever-eclectic hackmeister, Peter 'Ribasushi' Rabbitson who will be organising a task target list; your humble guide to the event, sponsorship aide and general promoter/marketing person is Mark 'mdk' Keating.

The Hackathon will take place between the evening of the 11th to the morning of the 14th April, with the main thrust of the work being on the Saturday. Other notable attendees/interested parties are: Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker, Matt S. Trout, Colin Newell, Aaron Crane, Marco Fontani, Murray Walker, Miquel Ruiz, Jose Luis Martinez, Tom Bloor, Ian 'idn Norton and Dave Hodgkinson.

The financial management, support and hackathon logistics are being aided by the Enlightened Perl Organisation.

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